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How the checking industry is changing

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For many decades now, both individuals and businesses have been using checks to pay for things. This has not changed in recent times, as many people still use checks on a day to day basis. But one thing that has changed has been the influx of new payments methods. Just take the last ten years, for instance. During those years, a number of major payment methods have emerged, chief among them services like Paypal and electronic currencies like Bitcoin. And while checks still have a place, they have taken a back seat in many ways.

But if you run a business, chances are good that you still use checks quite a bit. I know I do. So why not use the best checks available? I think Deluxe offers some pretty terrific checking products that meet two of my primary goals. First, it is a secure check that you can trust. I won't go over all the security features, but fraud rates a low when you use a Deluxe check. Second, they are highly customizable, which is important if you are interested in preserving your business identity. Some of the larger, fancier checks cost more, but they can be worth the price if you are trying to evoke a feeling of awe amongst your customers. If you want extra security, you can also order something called high security checks. As you can see, the product offering is diverse enough that you'll have no difficulty finding the exact checking product you need.

So why Deluxe? Quite honestly, it is one of the largest and oldest checking companies around. I've been using them for over a decade and they have yet to dissappoint. Due to this great track record, I continue to use them today, and will keep using them as long as checking products are still used.