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Let's face it. Technology is making old ways disappear faster than ever. This makes for a frenetic pace to most people's already busy lives. And the best example of new paradigms can be found in dating. Gone are the days when acquaintances would introduce you to other eligible singles. Today, online dating sites, speed dating, and apps reign supreme. Many people even find love playing games like World of Warcraft or Second Life. As you can see the online world has opened up many doors and possibilities for people seeking love.

But make no mistake: Online dating sites are still the smartest place to go if you are serious about finding a relationship. There are simply no other places online that are that well targeted. Services like have become among the most popular web destinations for this reason. And that's just one site. When you add the traffic from other online dating sites, as well as the traffic from free dating sites, then the numbers become quite large. The old ways of meeting people are still valid, but they are slowly being overshadowed.

To people who are newcomers to online dating, I typically recommend as a good starting point. It's good to start with since it's such a standard for dating sites. Once you learn how to use this site, you will have no issues whatsoever using another dating site. The only exception to this is Eharmony since they had a rather unique approach to dating online. But most other sites like POF, OkCupid, Zoosk, etc. should more or less use similar interfaces or principles. If this sounds good to you, make sure you get yourself a free trial from by going here.

At this point I must issue a caveat. If you've had no luck finding love using other avenues, you might find yourself feeling overly optimistic about using a dating site. Positive thoughts are fine, but you need to also make sure that you are staying realistic. While dating sites can be a powerful tool, you must have initiative and learn how to using dating sites effectively to get good results. Unfortunately, there is not enough space to cover such topics today. However, at a later date, I will delve further in to tips and techniques you can use to get the best results possible.